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Hi, I'm Duffy

I'm a 30-something woman with a healthy dose of vanity. The problem is, I'm also addicted to pulling out my hair.

It all started in high school, when my best friend taught me how to pluck my eyebrows (at that time, it was more of an "eyebrow" in the singular--it had to go!). It felt weirdly satisfying. Gradually, pulling hair became a constant outlet for stress, boredom, excitement, anything. My once-thick hair, which had always been my pride and joy, is half gone.

There's a weird disconnect between how deeply this habit bothers me and how easily I can lie to myself about that when the urge strikes. Blogging about how this disorder has affected me, and documenting my efforts to quit, is a way of holding myself accountable–and hopefully helping others feel less alone while I'm at it. 

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