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Thinking Thick

After 15 years of letting trichotillomania sap my confidence, it's time to reclaim my hair and mind.

Hair-pulling is a common bad habit. But if you've found this blog, you're probably all too aware of just how devastating it can be when it spins out of control. 

I'm ready to make 2022 the year I take back my life. Join me for little victories, inevitable setbacks, empathy and (hopefully) inspiration!

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Day 3: A Perfect Storm

I was alone at work today. My colleagues are taking early Christmas holidays, so I was free to arrive late, blare some Christmas music...

Day 2: Danger Zones

I was so proud of myself just a few short hours ago. The day flowed by smoothly. I got up early, exercised, ran errands, did chores......

Day 1: Peak Motivation

Here it is: my first public diary entry. This whole project is actually very out of character for me. I'm shy, the sort of person who...

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