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Day 1: Peak Motivation

Here it is: my first public diary entry. This whole project is actually very out of character for me. I'm shy, the sort of person who answers with "not much" when colleagues ask what I have planned for the weekend, even if my actual plans include climbing a volcano or time-travelling to the age of dinosaurs.

But that's exactly why this is such a meaningful step for me. I feel a nervous excitement about it, and for the past few days at least, that's been keeping my pulling in check. I just hope I can keep the momentum going once the novelty of starting a blog wears off.

To really motivate myself, I've invested in some new tools to fight different aspects of the problem: Play-Doh (to keep my hands busy), hair growth serum and vitamins, and the supplement N-acetylcysteine, which some studies have shown can reduce the urge to pull. Maybe trying all of these things at once isn't very scientific, but they do target different aspects of the problem. The supplement (hopefully) dulls the urge to pull, the Play-Doh helps when the urge does arise, and the hair growth aids help with... well, hair growth!

I'll be creating special posts about each of these strategies–how realistic they are, and how well they seem to be working.

Hairs pulled today: 23

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