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Day 3: A Perfect Storm

I was alone at work today. My colleagues are taking early Christmas holidays, so I was free to arrive late, blare some Christmas music from my laptop, and help myself to the stale Chips Ahoy in the office kitchen.

It was so peaceful. But I knew even before I arrived that I've have to contend with a lethal combo: solitude and spreadsheets. I'm always more likely to pull when alone, but trying to focus on work–especially work that I'm not particularly in the mood for–tends to give me a nervous energy, and my favourite outlet is pulling.

It's a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem. I have ADHD, so I'm not sure whether I procrastinate because pulling distracts me, or if I pull as a means of procrastinating. Either way, it's bad for my productivity, and bad for my hair.

I definitely had. a few relapses throughout the day. But, as I noted yesterday, I'm finding myself sliiiightly better at stopping before I do serious damage. Remembering this blog, and thinking of how proud I'd feel sharing good news with the world, gives me that little extra hit of motivation and accountability.

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